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26222 Marina Road, Orange Beach, AL, 36561, US

Phone: (205) 587-2195


Everything you need for a productive day of fishing awaits you on board Alibi Charter Fishing. Based out of Orange Beach, Alabama, you’ll explore the rich waters of the Gulf, going after a range of exciting and delicious fish. Head up to 30 miles offshore and do battle with some seriously prized creatures as you seek to fill the boat and your freezer!

Captain Gordon Burdette knows all about catching the biggest fish out there. An Orange Beach resident since 1984, he’s spent his fair share of time on the water. Since retirement, he’s taken to the seas more and more often and promises a supportive, fun-filled, and productive trip offshore.


Captain Gordon and Jackson are great crew

— Gregg K.

We went out with captain Gordon a few weeks ago, we caught almost 300lbs of fish between the three of us, first mate Jackson was one of the best deck hands I have ever worked with, and I've seen a few...

— Freeda M.

— Ronald C.

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