Why Book Directly?

Booking directly with LOCAL charters is now fast and easy. We created this website to:


1. Help fishing enthusiasts, anglers, young and old alike to connect with locally owned charters throughout the United States.

2. Help reduce marketing costs to locally owned businesses in the fishing industry by providing cost effective marketing campaigns.


In 2020, our fishing businesses were hit hard financially.  Some booking sites literally rob our small businesses with as much as 30% of the booking rate during a time that every penny is needed to survive!  We work directly with these small business owners to help them connect with YOU! We took all the tools and strategies we use in running our full service marketing agency and combined them to provide affordable packages that promote the locals without charging a percentage! Our charters are not forced to increase their rates, and those savings are passed on to YOU!


The US Fishing Directory is family-owned and operated in The United States. We are passionate about helping other small businesses, our clients, and helping to promote local economies.


Help us to support local fishing guides and charters by booking directly with them via phone, text, or email Share our directory with your friends and neighbors and let's keep it LOCAL just type in the search bar what city you are in, or what city you are traveling to and we will show you who the best locally owned charters are in that city or region.



If you have questions about any of the charters on our site, don't hesitate to email us at bluecanarymarketing@gmail.com or call us directly at 361-737-3972


If you are locally-owned fishing guide or charter business and would like more information about being featured for YOUR area, don't hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you book more trips!